I’m Elsie Onsongo, an aspiring scholar and writer. I’m a Kenyan, currently pursuing an advanced degree in innovation economics in a German university.

I write about my experiences being a grad student, partly to tell the story for the sake of the story, to improve my writing skills and increase my commitment to writing regularly. This blog provides a non-threatening, low-pressure platform to do that.

Why ‘inside the ivory tower’? The idiom ‘the Ivory Tower’ according to phrases.org.uk means a state of sheltered and unworldly intellectual isolation (Wikipedia does not mince its words on this one). The term alludes to the ‘unworldly isolation’ that academics sometimes shut themselves in, a situation I am increasingly finding myself in as an aspiring scholar. Thus the blog title.

So I write about my raw research-related thoughts on innovation and economic development, surviving and thriving through grad school, living and travelling through Africa and Europe, and general topics that pique my interest.

I can be reached via the form below:

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Beautiful blog my friend. What a thoughful way to express and share your experiences! For a moment, I wondered, Ivory Tower? But after your explanation makes perfect sense… Keep writing, you do a great job at that!

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