China, the new idol for Africa?

There’s been a lot of debate on the new China-Africa economic relations. The Chinese say that aid and investment in Africa, which has doubled in the last few years, is about co-operation and mutual benefit. Many in the West, however, are suspicious. They’re concerned about the Chinese self-interested pursuit of Africa’s vast natural resources, and […]

Africa economic renaissance!?

When I signed up to study economics of innovation, I never knew how emotionally draining the process would be. I really didn’t appreciate before how much more African countries need to do to ‘develop’. I didn’t even really understand what it meant to ‘raise living standards’. We know the usual rundown: dilapidated transport infrastructure, over […]

Prezi – The Online Presentation Tool: Lessons Learnt

The ability to give clear and interesting talks is an important skill for any professional. More so for academics who need to talk about their work constantly to gain attention. So I have been looking to improve my presentation skills.  To expand my tool-set beyond MS PowerPoint, I recently took a risk with a fascinating online […]